About Dad and Frankel & Son


Dad & Frankel & Son are a man, a man and a wiener dog. They are currently freelancing, usually in Portland, Oregon.

Collectively they have designed miniature space ships, built a tropical island amusement park, written and art directed print ads featuring leprechauns, spent the night in the nap room at Wieden+Kennedy, saved a baby from drowning, written musicals about vegetables, sculpted a recognizable bottle of vodka, broken a Guinness World Record, helped Stephen Colbert unload his car, directed a documentary about beetles that aired at film festivals across the nation, designed a shirt for Oscar de la Renta and hugged former Vice President Al Gore.

Learn more about Dad & Son by clicking here or about Frankel by clicking here. You can reach them by email at boaz(dot)frankel(at)gmail(dot)com and lordblakely(at)gmail(dot)com.