Brooks Transcend

Brooks was premiering an all new shoe, the Transcend, and they were looking for a way to share it with running influencers around the world. Hailed as a revolutionary and futuristic piece of footwear, we wanted to create a shippable shoebox that looked like it came out of a bizzaro Star Wars universe. We came up with the Transcend 1 Space Pod and we may have gone a little overboard, souping it up with motorized doors, motion sensing LEDs, an audio system and even a miniature flat screen that seemed to allow a look inside the craft as a futuristic captain extolled the virtues of the shoe.

Over 400 of our space pods were deployed across North America and Europe. As we hoped, runners who received them were pretty thrilled and our spaceship got written up in Runner's WorldThe New York TimesComplex and in the blogs of manymany runners.

Additionally, we were tasked with creating a short video that explained the shoe's technological features in an entertaining way. Keeping with the futuristic theme, we recast the shoes as fighter jets in this action-packed video while integrating a porcelain choirboy who was present in some other campaign pieces. Strange? Definitely. But the clients let us do it.