The Things They Can Do These Days is Wonderful

From February 11th to March 6th 2014, we were invited to bring our process of creative discovery to the Wieden+Kennedy Gallery. Working like jazz musicians, we painted, filmed, drew and animated nearly every night; riffing off each other's work as we fused mediums. We shared ideas with anyone walking by, invited local artists to collaborate and let our surroundings inform the work. It was a process full of surprises, a conscientious stream of consciousness and something resembling artistic ruckus. There was no master plan, only a grammatically incorrect title: the things they can do these days is wonderful.

By the end of our residency we had covered 688 square feet of wall with our work.

We started documenting our progress with time lapse photography which soon morphed into a sort of stop motion animation that allowed us to tell a story in the foreground while the installation took shape in the background. The wall was painted over less than a week after we finished the project so these short videos are the only proof that it ever existed.